Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Our masterplan for the expansion of Waterbeach, near Cambridge, envisions a new town that is both architecturally distinguished and exciting townscape. Our vision for Waterbeach is of a place that is firmly rooted in, and referenced to its regional context whilst confidently looking forward. It creates a unique sense of place that is a truly valuable addition to Cambridge.

An unravelling townscape experience that is rich and diverse in space and character will be complemented by architecture of distinction. The proposal offers a full range of uses, covering the entire spectrum of human needs, that a functioning town requires:

  • Commercial – Retail & Workspace
  • Leisure – Cinema, Swimming Pool & Gym
  • Cultural – Galleries & Theatre
  • Community – Community Centre & Worship Space
  • Residential – a broad range of housing types
  • High quality public realm and open space – including the Island Park reached by bridges across the lake