Treadgold House

West London

Our innovative prototype retrofit designs for Treadgold House, part of the Lancaster West Estate in West London, sees us working in collaboration with Bow Tie Construction and RBKC, the local authority who own the apartment block. The retrofit process combines Passivhaus enhanced design, high performance, futureproofed services and minimises disruption to residents.

The BowTieSprong process (based on Energiesprong*) is unique as it front-loads the design and installation of off-site manufactured wall panels by Mauer with an early ‘tailoring’ stage to ensure that off-site components will slot into place with no issues. BowTieSprong drastically simplifies the build process. It also reduces the challenges and costs of installation by splitting the works into three main stages, only one of which will cause disruption to residents. Thus, becoming closer aligned to the factory production line approach with a reliable, repeatable, high quality cost-effective solution.

* Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment, build standard and funding approach. We are working with Energiesprong UK - to scale the approach for wider use in the UK. An Energiesprong retrofit has the very best energy standard available, it uses the money that would normally be paid on energy bills and maintenance to pay for the works.