Surrey Estate Regeneration

South West London

A sensitive approach to regeneration and renewal can have real benefits - like allowing existing communities to stay intact whilst construction work takes place. This was the approach we took for this London regeneration scheme. It required an intricate and bespoke response to the site. The process started by analysing the existing buildings – it made sense to retain and refurbish some of them. A series of practical strategies were developed that respond to issues such as the condition and suitability of existing buildings, existing tenure, phasing and identifying opportunities for densification and intensification of use.

We developed a series of imaginative, contemporary homes, including mew cottages to weave around the existing retained buildings. Each area had a distinct character, which supported an overarching framework of streets and spaces.

  • Up to 120 new build homes including mews cottages;
  • Up to 35 refurbished homes within existing buildings;
  • Series of character areas create a unique sense of place.