Santa Paula

Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located north of Sao Paulo, the inspiring site for a new settlement at Santa Paula covers over 480 hectares of undulating land, including three lakes, a wetland preservation area, and a river. With a Brazilian Anglophile as a client, the intellectual challenge lay in the fusion of contemporary English design principles with Brazilian culture.

The outcome is an exciting mixed-use development framework for a new urban district of Santa Paula. Careful attention to local context and character creates a distinctly Brazilian identity, yet alludes to European townscape traditions. New neighbourhoods are supported by a town centre, pedestrian and cycle routes and a quality public realm in the best European tradition. A 60 Hectare business park is provided together with new schools and retail facilities.

  • Regional character & identity
  • A review of comparable projects
  • Preparation of land & water budgets
  • 1,200 housing units
  • Incorporation of existing natural habitats
  • View audits maximising the site’s attributes
  • 60 hectares of:
    • Commercial business park
    • Schools
    • Community facilities
    • Retail facilities
    • A new town centre

  • Creation of distinct character areas
  • Secure neighbourhoods strategy of critical importance