Sail Loft

Commercial Road, London

This mixed use building challenges conventional thinking on the quality and character of high density living. Retail at lower ground floors support a residential development above. It incorporates a listed structure and creates a new sustainable building typology using modular construction. A magnanimous townscape gesture by way of a public winter garden on a strategic view corridor ensures this building couples townscape presence with architectural excellence.

The retractable winter garden roof provides an open air environment in appropriate conditions. Dwellings are designed on a ‘room module’ and preformed from concrete. Being thermally massive they regulate internal temperature fluctuations and enhance residents’ comfort. A mini Combined Heat and Power plant on site completes this demonstration project’s green credentials.

  • Inflatable & retractable roof creates winter garden as year round amenity
  • Completely modular construction – no wet trades
  • Passive stack ventilation throughout
  • Prefabricated concrete wall and floor modules with integrated conduits
  • Running costs approximately 50% of norm
  • 115 apartments arranged around the winter garden
  • Mixed use including 25,000 sq ft of commercial