Church Farm, Wavendon

Wavendon, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

This masterplan is for an urban extension to Milton Keynes, delivering up to 350 new homes. We have created an attractive new place to live - characterised by high quality townscape, public realm and urban design; as well as practical and appealing buildings. We produced a flexible framework of residential character areas and open spaces that incorporates the following:

  • Retains and enhances existing site features – such as hedgerows and watercourses;
  • Extension of the existing Linear Park into Church Farm;
  • A good network of pedestrian & cycle connections;
  • A SuDS (sustainable urban drainage) system that is attractively incorporated into the landscape design;
  • A safeguarded Grid Road Corridor that would allow for possible future extension to the Milton Keynes Grid Road Network and Redways;
  • A sensitive response to the existing village of Wavendon.