Cambourne West Design Codes

Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

Developing the Cambourne West Design Code with South Cambs District Council was a truly collaborative process. GSA’s role was to provide architectural and urban design input into the code. Our remit was to engender great placemaking – the combination of well-considered and appropriate architecture, townscape and landscape, coming together to create a high quality development.

This involved an examination and critical analysis of the qualities of Cambourne, taking inspiration from those qualities that have been successful, and finding robust solutions for areas of concern. To explain this thinking we produced clear diagrams, supported by illustrative material. The key principles that our work examined and described were:

  • Identifying the relevant building and space typologies that must be used;
  • Pinpointing landmarks, view corridors and gateways that must be addressed to enable clear legibility;
  • Defining a strong identity for each different district, and ensuring that the new areas sit well alongside the rest of Cambourne, and the wider area.
  • With particular emphasis on focal spaces and opportunities for sensitive character transition between different districts and the influences should be considered.