Basildon Town Centre

Basildon, Essex

Basildon town centre displayed many of the problems typically associated with so many 1960’s and 1970’s shopping developments. The environment was inhospitable, attracting shoppers was proving difficult and its identity was one of poor quality and decline. Stiff competition from regional out-of-town shopping centres posed a further threat.

This competition winning design introduced signature buildings and quality landscape which now animate and enhance the perception of the square. Revenue generation is stimulated by people, encouraged to spend time in safe and pleasurable surroundings – a necessary ingredient in any retail development.

  • Competition winning design
  • Provision of new uses in signature buildings, attracting shoppers
  • Creation of distinct character zones
  • Quality hard & soft landscape to reinforce these zones
  • Performing arts space & new seating
  • CCTV & new lighting throughout
  • A safer & more pleasurable shopping experience
  • A western gateway entrance
  • Designed to ameliorate the effects of strong winds