Accrington Mosque

Accrington, Lancashire

This competition winning design for a modern Mosque is rich in ideology and architectural narrative. It integrates with the historic town fabric by using a public garden as an interface and creates an iconographic architecture borne of iconology.

This is a Smart Building, designed to meet the noble objective of self-sufficiency. Technology is utilised gracefully as an inherent part of the form. The design philosophy, underpinned by Islamic tradition, results in a gracefully scalloped dome that rises from the round and warmly envelops you as you approach it.

  • Designed to positively integrate with existing community
  • Scalloped circular form draws on Islamic tradition of repeated geometry
  • Building set in a public garden that radiates into surrounding street
  • Designed to be thermally massive, reducing heat demand
  • Smart Building cuts free from the national grids by:
    • Photo-voltaic generated power
    • Hot water provided by twin-skinned solar roof
    • Water provided from deep-water aquifer

  • Retractable roof allows prayer to be conducted in ‘open air’