• Net-Zero EnergieSprong Retrofit Pilot

    Net-Zero EnergieSprong Retrofit Pilot

    GSA associate John Pratley gave a presentation at the Institute of Engineering & Technology in London this week; talking about the latest progress of our net-zero EnergieSprong pilot retrofit for Moat Homes in Essex. We have been working closely with ENGIE UK contractors & their suppliers to co-ordinate the design of the pre-fabricated components

    for the external wall & roof insulated over-cladding & ‘plug-in’ energy-pod – containing heat pump, hot water storage, MVHR heating & ventilation kit – all to minimise the disruption to residents who will be living in their homes during the retrofit works. GSA will be providing further updates at the EnergieSprong stand at Futurebuild 5-7 March.

    February 2019